Thursday - December 02, 2010

TSA Must be Abolished

Something truly sick has happened in our country.  

The right of the people to be secure in their persons . . . against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated . . .

People have been been lewdly groped and fingers have probed in every body crevice, in every fleshy fold of fat and buttocks, and genitals have been fondled.  Or they have had the alternative choice of being viewed completely naked.

And who is doing this probing and fondling?  Some high school graduates in the TSA.  There is no special training in anatomy.  There is no special knowlege of medicine.  People with urine catheters are humiliated.  Women with prosthetic breasts are told to remove them in public.  Children are being felt up by disgusting men and women.

Some say that they are just professionals doing an unpleasant job.  Bull!  They are not professionals, or the term has no meaning.  They are flunky, unskilled labor.  They are not chosen for being especially bright or even talented in any way.  

And their willingness to keep their job after being told to do this most disgusting of violations of our persons is not forgiveable or acceptable.  They must resign now, or they deserve every bit of scorn that is heaped on them.  They are perverts. 

Speaking of perverts, why are these naked body scanners not being seized by the government for displaying child porn?  

And what is the reason for this?  Security?  What a joke.  We have a fourth amendment and if it doesn't cover some creep fingering your scrotum, then our Constitution is dead.  No one can even laughably call it a Living Document.  It is dead.

I've taken an oath to support the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.  It's getting harder and harder to decide if there are domestic enemies.  Or is it just hard to decide if there is still a Constitution?

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