Thursday - December 30, 2010

I Agree.  Top Gear USA is Bad

I'm not the first to say it, and I'm not going to be the last.  

The USA Top Gear show is bad.  Very bad.  Not worth watching just for seeing cars bad.

There is no humor.  The wit is gone.  The three dolts doing the show have no comedic timing, no sense of showmanship.  Some people think the original British version was more of a Jackass show, missing the humor and wit.  If this US version was trying to live up to that misreputation, they can't even be good jackasses.

I've suffered through three episodes, I think.  Maybe less, maybe more, it's hard to tell because they were all so boring.  Last episode I watched had a moment that summed up my entire view of the new show.

One of the boring guys was driving a Morgan.  It's a beautiful car that has quite a lot of horsepower, but apparently has some aerodynamic problems at high speed.  Boring guy drove the car in a straight line to almost 160 miles per hour, commenting on how the front end felt like it was floating from the aerodynamics.


What was boring guy's reaction?  Nothing.  No reaction.  He even said, "I'm speechless."

I'm sorry?  What?  Speechless?  You're paid to speak about what you're doing.  If you're going to be speechless, why are you even there?

There are times when speechlessness can be a big impact.  When you normally say a lot, and are then on a singular occasion so struck by something that you are speechless, then it's okay.  But, you have to have made it clear why you're speechless first, and you have to have been known for saying something.  

You can't, on your first time out, after having been as boring as navel lint, and having said very little at any time, suddenly expect to have an impact by declaring yourself so overcome that you are left with nothing to say.  That's just more navel lint level of performance.  

What a bunch of losers.  Please just televise the BBC version.  Why do we always have to have an American version? The Brits have done a great job with unique personalities.  They are the show.  The cars are not the show.

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