Saturday - March 26, 2011

The Islamic World is Rioting.  Is Al Qaeda Behind it, and is that a Good Thing?


Upheavals in Yemen, Egypt, Bahrain, Tunisia, Libya, Syria, and it seems like another one starts every week.  Why?  Who is behind all this?  Is someone behind it?  Or is it really, truly a grass roots uprising of the long oppressed Arabs?

I don't know.  It could be.  I wonder if Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood, and Iran are all really able to orchestrate such upheavals.  I don't know.  I suspect not.  Maybe they helped instigate it all and are just taking advantage of the situation, much as how the Bolsheviks took advantage of unrest in Russia.

So, should we be worried if in fact all these muslim states turn and become allied with our enemies, the fanatical branch of Islam?  It certainly would not be a good thing.  I've seen too much how these murderers and mutilators operate to think it's a good thing.

But, let's put it in the most favorable light.  If Al Qaeda, et al, were to control Pakistan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, etc. – essentially all of Arabia, northern Africa, and the Levant (except Israel), then we would be free in a way to no longer pretend who our enemies and friends are.  If our enemies are emboldened to be more brazen and bigger, we might actually take this war seriously and get it ended more quickly.  As it is now, we are not taking this threat against us very seriously (witness that we allow two-bit poppin jays to push us around in Afghanistan) because we can afford to not take it seriously, and our enemies can fight us through fiscal attrition.  For every $5,000 they spend on an IED, we spend at least a million to counter it.  Plant 100 IED's and we're at about a half billion dollars.  We cannot sustain this way of fighting a war.  We are letting them have their way with us.  

And now it seems that Al Qaeda is even getting us to fight for them in Libya.  I think we're morons.  

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