Thursday - April 28, 2011

Another Woman to Defend Us

A while back there were two tv shows on, Hercules and Xena.  Hercules was a really nice guy that was really nice and if he had to fight, well, it was only if absolutely necessary and then only if no one got hurt.  Xena kicked ass at the slightest provocation and made no apologies for it.  The ancient Greeks must have been rolling in their graves.

 My last post was of a woman speaking out against those in our nation that placate muslim terrorists while our elected leaders condemn free speech.  Now here we have another woman, this time in Germany who is the only one pointing out that muslims want to destroy western civilization and install Islam throughout the world.  

I guess our culture is dying.  Men seem unwilling to speak out to defend us.  Even here in Afghanistan we must tip toe around and pretend that burning a Koran is a horrible crime against humanity, and kow tow to their inhuman and oppressive beliefs.  

I guess the tv shows were just a harbinger of what our culture has become, and only the women are willing to defend us because otherwise the men will just be called meanies.

Addendum.  May 18, 2011.  German really is the best language for anger, isn't it?

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